Canadian FireFighters in England During WW II


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September 11th, 2001
God Bless The Firefighters
Part VII . . . The Firestation and Equipment
(diary entries of Sam Posten in quotations)

likely from a local Plymouth newspaper

Building Their Own Fire Station

Forty firemen are engaged on building a Fire Station for the N.F.S. on the outskirts of Plymouth. According to present plans, it will be opened at the end of the month by a distinguished visitor. About half of the men who have taken on this job are Canadian Fire-fighters, who have no previous experience of the building trade, but have dug foundations and done concreting and labouring work. Only a small proportion of the N.F.S. men involved are skilled, but these direct the operations of their colleagues, who are now going "full steam ahead" to get their new home completed on schedule. The building, which is 114ft. long, looks at present something like a huge garage, which has still to have a lot of flesh added to its bones.

Ten Fire Engines

It will accommodate 10 fir engines and will, on completion, be manned wholly by Canadians. Living quarters, and a boiler-house, providing a hot water system, are included in the scheme. The building, although classed as "temporary," will, in the opinion of the firemen working on it, be "good for a few years." It will have concrete pillars, brick piers, and an English timber roof covered with asbestos. An N.F.S. officer told a "Western Independent" reporter that firemen were being employed to do the work, as, owing to the acute labour problem, they could not expect a contractor to take it on.

Dormitory For 50

"Under a general arrangement between the Home Office and the Trade Unions, skilled men receive 15s. a week in addition to their ordinary pay, and unskilled men 5s.

"Firemen are also erecting their own stations at Falmouth and Penzance.

"The Plymouth station will have a dormitory large enough for about 50 men, while there will also be separate sleeping quarters for six women."

The Dorm



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